82% of small business owners get a salary of less than $100,000 a year

Will you give yourself the choice to be paid more?


Sound Familiar? 

Wakes up in the morning cursing that he isn't getting clients after sending 52,389 spam messages  on Linkedin
Throw his cellphone at friends and family who dare ask him how his business is going 
Switches business like the seasons
Worships frat boy entrepreneurs who want to hustle and grind 24/7 who post pics of women in bikinis in yachts for validation
Uses high pressure sales tactics and shames you for being a weak underling who will never make it in business if you don't go to his $97 seminar 
Leave the FB group to fend for itself and now is nowhere to be found after taking your money 

Or Do You Want to Be Awesome CEO?

Wakes up in the morning to Paypal payments from clients 
Loves serving clients that she enjoys being with 
Has several income streams supporting her lifestyle 
Works smarter, not harder and uses Facebook ads to target her ideal clients 
Gets referrals from clients from years past who can vouch for results 

What if You Could..

Get 10x More Clients

Without adding to your existing workload and in some cases work even less?

Get Paid 5x More

Find the RIGHT clients who would more than gladly pay your prices and know exactly where to find them.

Work 50% Less

Free yourself from being a laptop slave and start becoming a true awesome CEO who can take off and play golf whenever you want 

Works when you need it

Take a guided tour of our system and see the magic for yourself

I'm Ready!


A triage of the 3 things you need to run a successful business


I show you the latest and greatest statistics that have proven to get more sales 


Refine your skills in selling, marketing, and persuasion in a safe group of entrepreneurs and get my eyes on your messaging


5x your sales by becoming super at giving people what they want and solving their true problems

Join our amazing community of awesome CEOs




From 0 to $150,000 for a children's clothing e-commerce store

5 years

in business and counting

What You Get from the Program:

Week 1: Fruition

Reverse Engineering Your Success and A Guide to How to Make the RIght Decisions and Roadblocks you WILL face as an entrepreneur so you are protected from naysayers especially friends and family and surround yourself with the right support so that you can skyrocket.
Get Laser Focused on what you want for your business, know exactly what success looks like to you 
Have your niche approved for profitability and passion and long term productivity 
Know exactly what you need to add or cut out in your business to make sure it is working for you. 

Week 2: Followers

Know where your best clients are hanging out online 
Copy and paste my methods on how to use 15 minutes a day to reach your ideal clients 
How to interview your clients so that you are delivering the solutions that they truly want, not just what they say they want right now. 

Week 3: Finances

Know exactly how to price your products and have a tier pricing 
KNow how much you need to make to be retired and how much you need to set aside for rainy days  
Sales scripts for when you are asking for the money 

Week 4: Fame

Know exactly how to price your products and have a tier pricing 
KNow how much you need to make to be retired and how much you need to set aside for rainy days  
Sales scripts for when you are asking for the money 

Week 5: Freedom


Choose Your Plan:

Early Bird Price


Limited to Those Joining Before 

7/7 noon PST

Save $1,000 
Access to 5 Modules of Awesome CEO School  
Immediate Access to Pre-Work for Awesome CEO School
Facebook Community of Awesome CEOs
Weekly 60 Minute Group Coaching 

3 Pay Plan

3 x $997

Paid Monthly

Immediate Access to Pre-Work for Awesome CEO School
Access to 5 Modules of Awesome CEO School
Facebook Community of Awesome CEOs
Weekly 60 Minute Group Coaching 

1:1 VIP Coaching


Limited to 10 Only

3 Months of Mentorship
Access to 5 Modules of Awesome CEO School.
Ask Me Anything  Whatsapp Support Line 
2 Hour Business Onboarding Call 
Weekly 1:1 30 Min Business Coaching 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this work for me?

If you are a service based owner with an online based business, and you have sold to at least 1 person then chances are this will work for you. See the case studies. 

2. How is this different from other programs?

The 3S Framework is the first of its kind and it is the ONLY Awesome CEO School that you can find online 

3. Can I pause and restart this program any time I want?

Yes, you can start and pause this program, and you will have 1 year access to it, but this will be run as a live program for the next 5 weeks so I highly recommend you to be able to be fully commmitted to implementing this program. If not, I would ask you to not invest in this program as I want to make sure to have the full attention of students who do join. 

4. What if I am not tech saavy?

We have bonuses making sure that the implementation is much easier and we also make a WordPress Template available so you can still make a website without having to do this 

5. How long do I get access to the program?

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6. What is the refund policy?

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Who are You?

But wait, that's not all!


Bonus 1: 101 Bible Verses for Wealth & Prosperity

Valued at $497 Only Available for Those Who Purchase Before 7/1

52 Biblical Verses on business and prosperity to fire you up for your faith in your finances
Downloadable PDF that you can check on your phone, tablet, or computer
Easy plain English New Living Bible Translations 

Bonus 2: 201 Niches You can Start Today

201 Niches in 3 of the most profitable markets today 
Money  market potential and industry figures included
Guaranteed you will at least find 1 business idea you can start right now 

Bonus 3: How to Coach Clients for Maximum Results

Bonus 4: WordPress Website Template

Bonus 5: Video Confidence 

Bonus 6: 6 Month July 2021-January 2020 Content Calendar

Know exactly what to post every work day from July 1, 2021 to January 1, 2022
Demolish writer's block for the next 6 months 
Swipe my content plan so that you can focus more on creation 

Bonus 7: Finance Spreadsheet 

7 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

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